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Resources for self publishers
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Resources for Self Publishers
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As a budding author, you may have faced many obstacles like finding a good publisher. Many established book publishers today are high cost and unresponsive. But at Print-tech, we believe in nurturing talent. If you are an author or a poet seeking resources as a self publishers, you have come to the right place. Many famous authors of yesteryears have acted as self publishers.
Being a self publisher accomplishes many things:

  • Self publishers do not have to pay royalty
  • You can supervise your work to your own satisfaction
  • As a self publisher, you get personal satisfaction
  • Increase your profit potential

 What kind of resources will I need as a self publisher?

Once you decide to act as a self publisher, you will need various resources to publish your work. These include services like typesetting and pagination services, prepress services, cover design services, et al.

 Print-tech is your reliable resource as a self publisher

Print-tech is committed to provide you all these resources at a reasonable cost. Many self publishers are unsure as to how to proceed with their work. We are small enough to give you personal attention, and large enough to provide all the other services needed by a self publisher under one roof.
We use industry standard software. Being based in India, we can provide quick turn around time.
We also augment our services to the self publisher by designing covers and providing illustrations. Our trained and courteous staff will address all your queries to your satisfaction.

Just hand us over your work in format that is suitable to you (hand written, e-mail, zip…) and we will do the needful.

We have a number of satisfied self publishers in U.S. and Australia who avail of our services.

Need more info about our resources for self publishers? Get in touch with us

At Print-tech, we work hand in hand with self publishers!

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